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At HTML2PDF Web Service we’re always working on exploring new features to add to our service. HTML2PDF Web Service is known for its ability to generate PDF’s out of HTML and CSS and is for example being used to generate invoices and reports.

To increase the ways HTML2PDF Web Service can serve our users we’re currently developing a way to generate images out of HTML and CSS. This would create a whole new way of generating dynamic images. Use cases that come to mind are visual newsletters (no more issues with mail clients not displaying your carefully laid-out e-mail), dynamic banners and taking (partial) screenshots of websites. If you can think of another use case please do let us know.

If you’re interested in attaining access to our HTML To Image Beta please fill in the form below. Invite codes are issued as we invite people from the list one at a time. Preference will be given to existing HTML2PDF Web Service customers first. If you’re not an existing customer we encourage you to see what HTML2PDF Web Service can do for you.

    Your e-mail address will only be used to send you an invite for our HTML To Image Beta.

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    HTML2PDF Web Service is an internet service (SaaS) provided by Kras IT. Kras IT is a software development company specialized in creating custom tailored software that fits the requirements of its customers. Kras IT is based in The Netherlands and is privately held.